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Diagnostic instruments: focus on dental explorers and perio probes

What is the difference between a periodontal probe and an explorer? Lets take a closer look at the main features of these staple dental hand ...
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Implantology: sustainable, functional and esthetic treatments

Dental implants have become the most common treatment to replace missing teeth. Although their average success rate is very high, peri-implant tissue health is key ...
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Opening a dental hygiene practice: interview with Carolina Traviglia

Carolina is a dental hygienist. She opened her first dental practice back in 2018 in Switzerland. She shares her experience and gives some insights to ...
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A practical guide to open your first dental practice

If you’re thinking about starting your own dental office, you need to build a manageable plan toward accomplishing your goals.
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SmartEndo Kit Deppeler x Style Italiano Endodontics

The SmartEndo kit is an upgrade in the essential instruments you need for your daily endodontic procedures. It was developed in collaboration with Style Italiano ...
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Periodontal curettes: focus on Gracey curettes

Periodontal curettes are used in non-surgical periodontal therapy, to treat the patient’s early stages of periodontal diseases, such as periodontitis. These double-ended dental hand instruments ...
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