What endo experts say about the SmartEndo kit

The SmartEndo kit is an upgrade in every essential hand instruments you need for most of your daily endodontic procedures. This minimalist set was developed in collaboration with the founder and members of the Style Italiano Endodontics group. In the SmartEndo kit, you will find:

  • a very thin and long endodontic explorer, to find and explore root canals
  •  a double-sided endodontic probe to create safe and correct cavity access
  • an endodontic ruler / sealer mixer pad to measure rotary and manual files, adjust guttapercha cone length, mix and apply sealer
  • an advanced endodontic instrument to fill long canals and remove filling materials from the wall
  • a double-sided endodontic plugger to compact filling material with control
  • a high-quality mirror

Photo by Matthieu Croizier