The Ins & Outs Of Probing Implants

During EuroPerio10 on Deppeler’s stand, Claire McCarthy (UK), expert in periodontal education, gave a comprehensive look at the who, why, when, what and how of probing dental implants in order to feel confident in monitoring dental implants as part of a holistic oral examination.

Aimed at periodontists, general dentists, dental hygienists and students, the presentation covered all aspects of implant probing as a vital diagnostic procedure when monitoring implant patients in general practice, . Claire McCarthy presented Deppeler’s new UNC15 probe in PEEK ‘Clarity’.

Watch or rewatch the video of the workshop:

‘Clarity’, your ideal probe to assess peri-implant health

✔️ Thin, flexible & resistant, to access easily narrow and complex peri-implant sites.
✔️ Very precise & durable UNC15 markings to determine rapidly the probing depth and improve accuracy of implant data.
✔️ Perfectly smooth & rounded to reduce soft trauma and improve patient comfort, while enhancing tactile feedback.
✔️ High-quality & long-lasting probe made of PEEK, a high performance polymer with exceptional properties and purity. Recognizable to its unique ivory color.
✔️ 100% swiss-made and recyclable, like all Deppeler instruments

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