Periodontal / implant probe UNCPP15


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The UNCPP15 periodontal probe Clarity, with UNC 15 markings, is designed to probe around implants.
Made of polyether ether ketone (PEEK) thermoplastic, the probe can be used safely on titanium. The flexible, thin and strong working end adapts easily to the anatomy.
The visual aid (1 to 15) is very accurate. The manufacturing process significantly extends the life of the markings on the instrument.
The UNCPP15 probe Clarity is also suitable for probing around natural teeth.

Screw-in tip, delivered with or without a light and ergonomic DMS handle, black or green.

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Important: probes are not measuring instruments.

Sterilizable at 134°C
Dental hand instrument in PEEK.

Information material
"The flexible ultra-thin design of the UNCPP15 facilitates access to narrow and complex peri-implant sites. This smooth and rounded probe reduces soft trauma and improves patient comfort. The markings make it easier to determine the probing depth, improving accuracy of implant data." Claire McCarthy, RDN RDH (TCD) FAETC CERT ED PGCE MA HPE FHEA IFDEA (UK)

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